Ice Cross Downhill – «sport of the new millennium!” (English newspaper «Independent»)
Championship Ice Cross Downhill and Red Bull Crashed Ice, has been held in more than 12 countries, bought hundreds of thousands of fans and fans around the globe.
A peculiar hybrid of speed skating, cross-country skiing and bandy, where athletes in hockey ammunition will start in groups of four and make a descent on the ice chute, full of obstacles in the form of ledges, jumps, bumps and tight corners. The rules are very simple: who will arrive at the end of the first track is the winner.
January 20, 2000-year producer of the energy drink company Red Bull officially presented to the public competitions Ice Cross Downhill in Stockholm, Sweden. On the streets of the city, passing through the fish market, it was built 300-meter ice track, full of sharp turns, jumps and descents. And along this route were to simultaneously run four athletes, competing with each other not only in speed, but also the ability to keep the balance. The competition became an annual event and received the name Red Bull Crashed Ice. (more information can be found on the
Today in our country, more than 500 young athletes seriously passionate about this sport and every year their number is growing. That’s why there was a question on the recognition of the sport at the legislative level. Along with the International Federation, in July 2015. appeared interregional public organization “Federation of downhill skating.” The objective of the Federation to bring the sport to a new level and achieve its inclusion in the Olympic program. olimpic